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If your laundry is piling up in your hamper and you simply do not have the time or the means to get it taken care of, let us help you out. We wash laundry in Cold Spring, NY so that our customers can cut their chore time in half. It is simple, convenient, and affordable to get your laundry clean with us here at Nice & Neat Dry Cleaning. We will return your laundry to you smelling clean, looking immaculate, and neatly folded.

We clean clothes better than anyone in the city does because we use professional machines and premium detergents. Our laundry services include all of the following:

• Wash and Dry—No matter how large or small your load of laundry may be, we will get it supremely clean and dry as a whistle. You will be completely satisfied once we return your laundry to you.

• Fold Services—In order to prevent wrinkles after drying and save our customers time, our laundry service includes free folding. Your clothes will be ready to be neatly placed in your drawers or on your closet shelves.

• Stain Treatment—If you have a tough stain on an article of clothing that you cannot get out, leave it to us. We use powerful yet safe pre-treatments to eradicate even the toughest stains.

Bring your delicates, your colors, your lights, and your whites to us here at Nice & Neat Dry Cleaning. Our laundry service yields a clean that you can see, feel, and smell in your clothes.

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